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Reichel Vineyard
Reichel Vineyard
  • Area: 400 Acres
  • Planted: 16 Acres
  • Elevation: 2,300 - 2,500 Feet
  • Varieties: Cabernet Savignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec
  • Wines: Respite

  • Property: Reichel Vineyard
  • Owner: Corinne and Charles Reichel
  • Address: PO Box 585
    Address: Geyserville, CA 95441
  • Phone: Corinne: 707-953-5150
    AddressCharles: 707-484-6439
  • Email:
  • Website:

About Reichel Vineyard

This 16 acre south-facing vineyard located northeast of Cloverdale, California within the Pine Mountain – Cloverdale Peak appellation is situated between 2,300 to 2,500 feet elevation. It is owned by Charles and Corinne Reichel and is part of a 400 acre ranch that was originally purchased in 1948 by Corinne's grandfather.

The Vineyard and the Wine - Respite

Our viticultural practices bring together our family's grape growing philosophy. We limit exposure to the afternoon sun. We irrigate only when needed and our no-till practices, along with the use of rubber tired tractors, allow the vineyard soil to be left undisturbed. Fertilizers and chemicals are used only when necessary and in measured amounts. There are ample wild life corridors and easy access to water outside the perimeter of the vineyard. Our philosophy is to allow nature to give the best quality wine grapes by introducing the human element only when it is necessary. We provide the framework for the sun, the soil, and the plants to accomplish their jobs in a somewhat controlled environment. The no-till option allows us to keep the top-soil in the vineyard, instead of losing it to the valley below. Winter erosion control is accomplished by slowing the runoff and extracting it from the vineyard along terraces, through underground drains, and above ground diversions.

Being high in the mountains, the grapevines are not exposed to the springtime frosts that sink to the valley. The summer daily temperature range does not see the extremes that occur on the valley floor. The nights are not as cool, as the warmth of the valley rises after sunset. Similarly, during the morning hours the nighttime coolness from the valley rises up the mountain to mix with the daytime warmth from the sun. These effects allow the fruit to mature more evenly as the grapes are not exposed to heat spikes or extreme nighttime lows. This evenness gives us mature grapes that are balanced in sugar, tannins, and acid. A winemakers dream!

The vineyard is a Bordeaux vineyard made up of domestic and French Cabernet Sauvignon clones with sufficient Cabernet Franc and Malbec vines to complete the blend. We have used rootstocks that are appropriate for the well drained and less rich soil with which our mountain vineyard is blessed.

So this is the vineyard, what makes it up and how it is farmed. But, its real personality which is transferred to the wine grapes grown there and then to the wine made from these grapes, is the feeling of peace and well being that one experiences while there. It all comes together in the wine known as “Respite Wines.” As is quoted on the back label:

“You feel it as you crest the last hill, round the last bend. Your mind quiets and your body relaxes. It can be a quiet beach or a bench in a far corner of a city park. You have arrived at the place that makes you forget the craziness of the rest of the world, your Respite. We invite you to enjoy this wine that we have created using the grapes from out hillside vineyard, where we go when we need Respite from the complexities of life.”